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SEO Assessment

SEO Assessments (or audits, as they are widely known to be called) provide a solid foundation to better understand your business goals and needs, by providing a detailed outlook on your current website. 

These are required as a part of SEO Care Plans, but can also provide an excellent overview of where your business is currently ranking in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Care Plans

We’ve created affordable care plans, similar to our website care plans, that have a unique focus on SEO.

Each plan considers your business and growth, and focuses on where you currently are with an SEO Assessment, and where you want to be, building a custom roadmap to follow throughout the time together.

SEO Packages

SEO Assessment

for those who want a high-level overview
one-time payment*
  • Identify where your site is today
  • Understand of how SEO works
  • Visual Roadmap + 60-minute Discussion for SEO Growth
  • 7-10 business day turnaround


for those who want to understand SEO basics
$ 300/month minimum of 6 months
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Strategy Focus Calls
  • On-Site SEO Strategy Suggestions
  • Off-Site SEO Strategy Suggestions
  • Content Strategy Suggestions
  • Google Analytics + Google Search Console Review


for those who want to take the next step
$ 500/month minimum of 9 months
  • Everything in the Awareness Plan, PLUS:
  • 1 Blog Post OR 1 Page/Month
  • Google My Business, Google Reviews, Google Analytics + Google Search Console Review
  • Technical SEO Consideration
  • On-Site SEO Consideration


for those who want to integrate SEO
$ 800/month minimum of 12 months
  • Everything in the Action Plan, PLUS:
  • 2 Blog Posts OR 2 Pages/month; OR 1 Blog Post + 1 page/month
  • Technical SEO Implementation
  • On-Site SEO Implementation
  • Off-Site SEO - Strategy, Local Search + Link Building

Looking for Something Else?

  • 60-minute consultation included

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