Walker Orthodontics Feature Article

Chamber member leading patients with “expansive education” and advancing technology

For Dr. John Walker of Walker Orthodontics, advancing technology in the orthodontic sector is nothing out of the ordinary.

Walker and his teams settled in Central Massachusetts in 1978 with two offices in Harvard and Lunenburg after seeing a need for his orthodontic specialty.

“My clinical and research experience developing the protocol and new treatment protocols in specific regard to young children’s development of proper breathing and the relationship with facial development provided a new unfilled service to our community,” said Walker, “[which] also led into successful treatment for sleep apnea, snoring and promoting those relationships to our medical community which in turn develops the bridging the gap between medical and dentistry for health and wellbeing. My ability to accomplish this required the vison and support of our local business and bank, especially the team at Enterprise Bank and Trust.”

According to their website, Dr. Walker is a pioneer in Sleep Disordered Breathing and loves to travel overseas and speak about the importance of Airway Orthodontics, as well as new discoveries in orthodontics.

For adults, Airway Orthodontics means a life-changing solution for patients with sleep apnea. Dr. Walker is putting on an international Airway symposium in March 2021 in Boston, which will likely be virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. He mentioned that patient services are available here and now, and that’s not all Dr. Walker has planned for his offices.

“We are the epicenter for new patient protocols and services not available elsewhere,” states Walker.  “We are developing a team of the best doctors leading the forefront of prevention and treatments previously unavailable here and globally!”

In the near future, Walker Orthodontics plans to integrate into their offices 3D CAT scan diagnostics for breathing and airway dysfunction, discovering origins of early facial growth discrepancies, and more.

“[Treatments such as] misdiagnosed ADD being sleep deprived behaviors, diverting children’s developing permanent cognitive deficiencies by identifying breathing obstructions and oxygen deficiencies,“ he said.

Walker also has plans for solving snoring (“a family gift,” he calls it) and apnea problems without CPAP machines, heading off type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes, as well as enhancing a person’s immune system to kill all viruses, including COVID-19 and other inhaled microbes. They plan on offering expansive education for parents to recognize issues that are often unnoticed and unrecognized, as well as presenting alternative cures for adults with snoring and sleep apnea.

“We’ve also developed a “Best Doctors” referral team for predictable excellent care and results,” Walker said. “We have and are interested in interaction with medical and dental practitioners for the early recognition of developing health, physical, and cognitive health problems.”

As for the “new normal,” Walker Orthodontics prepared through leadership in personal and team recovery, providing a safe environment for their team, their patients, and the community through education for prevention.

Walker Orthodontics is located at 119 Massachusetts Avenue and offering virtual appointments online. To find out more information, go to their website www.drwalkerortho.com or call 978-755-0884.