Content Strategy
Case Studies

KTP Brand Studio


Kayla Teves Photography (KTP) Brand Studio reached out to us to create a monthly customized content calendar for her Instagram and Facebook business pages. She wanted to focus on building up excitement for her new services, brand coaching.

The Problem: 

KTP Brand Studio was becoming overwhelmed with coming up with hashtags, engagement, and content for posts to be able to sell her new brand coaching service. She had to focus her priorities to her clients and while her social feeds were doing great, it became another thing on the never-ending to-do list. 

Project Goals + Objectives: 

The main goal for KTP was to organize the editorial calendar for her opt-in, brand coaching, and focus on her objective – to get more of her ideal client signed up. She wanted to be able to build off of content prompts to post to her socials.

The Process + Solution:

We sat with KTP and discussed a fully-customized editorial calendar for 4 weeks worth of content prompts, descriptions, and hashtags for her social feeds. We discovered that she posts 3-4 times a week, so we created the calendar to reflect that, as well as topics/prompts for each day she posts to be able to build content off of that. We created a live board view and calendar view, so that when she knows what she wants to post for that week, she can assign a date and the calendar view will automatically update, making it even easier for KTP to schedule out posts for her socials.